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Dr Albo is available for corporate events, after dinner, or as a keynote speaker.

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Dr. Albo's marvellous presentation at the plenary talk at the national convention of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada was a huge hit. Thank you Frank for your masterful breadth of research, which provided the builders of tomorrow with a whole new context to the inspiring panorama of architectural history. Thanks again for taking the time to provide us with such a glorious vista of human achievement!

Dudley Thompson,
Principal of Prairie Architects

In my role as President of the Vancouver Masonic Centre Association, I have been looking into the potential redevelopment of our Freemasons Hall ... and to my surprise, Dr. Albo was giving a talk at a conference I was attending, and was privileged to see him speak.  The talk was enthralling and I was so impressed by his knowledge and passion for his work, that I asked him to consult when we get to the point of designing our new facility! I look forward to the chance to seeing him speak again and would recommend to anyone that they free up their calendar when they know he is lecturing.

Jack Barr,
President of the Vancouver Masonic Centre Association

It is with pleasure that I recommend Frank Albo to any and all who want to be completely captivated! Frank's subject matter knowledge, and, his ability to tell a story like no other, combines to create an experience for you and your guests that will have them retelling the story years after the event.

I have had the pleasure of working with Frank on a number of occasions, and, the outcome is always the same. Frank, his research and manner of his presentation are without parallel. Guests that have joined him become a part of the journey like they are the very first to ever hear it! I guarantee they will tell at least 10 others after the event on how spectacular it was.

Rick Duha
YPO/WPO Canadian Regional Chair