The Hermetic Code - Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets


The Hermetic Code chronicles Dr. Frank Albo’s search to uncover the mystical ambitions of the building’s architect, Frank Worthington Simon. In an edifying feast of religious mythology, occult history, and code-breaking symbolism, The Hermetic Code unravels a Rosetta Stone of mystical architecture in the heart of North America.


"Great book. Dr. Albo is an entertaining and fascinating scholar. I lived in Winnipeg for nearly three years and found not only the beauty of the place considerable but the history of Manitoba to be a condensed version of North American colonial history. That history is so carefully explained by the prevalence of Masonic and, more broadly, ancient civilizations' contributions that live for everyone to see in the Manitoba Legislative building. I took the tour Dr. Albo conducts there and found it fascinating. The Hermetic Code captures the experience of the tour perfectly."

M Wheeler Peaseon


"Beautiful book. Great for the coffee table without totally scaring off your guests. It is a good conversation starter. Very well illustrated."

Timothy Kelleyon


"Modern day Da Vinci Code.

Excellent review of this building."



"Great read! Frank Albo gave our Masonic Group a personal tour of the Manitoba Provincial Building. It was awesome. The book is an easy read and very interesting."

Amazon Customer