The Eagle and the Child - A Three-Part Online Webinar Series to Reverse the Myth of Borat and Engender an Architectural Monomyth

Calling all mythographers interested in co-creating a pan-national epic about the secret destiny of the world. Just as J. R. R. Tolkien married scholarship and folklore in his complex renderings of Middle Earth and C. S. Lewis united cosmology and theology in his magical realm of Narnia; we will be bringing together architecture, esotericism, and symbolic exegesis in developing a monomyth for the dazzling new city of Astana in Kazakhstan. The title of the web series is a tribute to The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, where a coterie of literary enthusiasts, including Tolkien and Lewis met around the common hearth of mythopoeia to set alight the minds of the twentieth century. This is an online reactivation of that celebrated intellectual hub and it invites the global community to actively take part in co-authoring a foundation myth that does not yet exist! The Eagle and Child SynchCast Web Salon is a crash course in ‘mythological archaeology’. Led by Dr. Frank Albo, this three-part series of web salons will reveal Astana’s stirring connections with timeless archetypes and the hidden history of Western Civilization. You can contribute with your own insights or just watch and listen as Dr. Albo unravels the architectural mysteries of one of the greatest building campaigns on earth. Just as archeologists uncover stories about the past buried beneath our feet, we will be excavating and exhuming a foundation myth for one of the most dynamic and strategically important cities in the world.