Terra Incognita - Uncovering Hidden Worlds

Host and Producer of a New Documentary Series

Terra Incognita (“Unknown Land”) is a new documentary series that explores the hidden history of Western Civilization. In ancient cartography, terra incognita referred to presumably perilous territories uncharted by previous explorers. This series is not simply about the discovery of new land, but rather, the rediscovery of powerful ideas that have fundamentally changed the world in unforeseen ways. Each episode begins with a provocative mystery and traces the path of that mystery through a series of seemingly unrelated connections to an essential aspect of modern culture. Is it possible that the dimension of Solomon’s Temple relate to the planning of Nazi death camps, or that a mistake by Arab alchemists led to the discovery of alcohol. This twelve part series brings together the penetrating insight of BBC’s cult classic Connections with the fast-paced adventure of the History Channel’s Digging for the Truth.