Heart of Canada - Prequel to the Hermetic Code

Encompassing 6000 years of rich Winnipeg history, this exciting new project begins at the most unlikely and unexplored place – Tie Creek, Manitoba – home to Canada’s very own Stonehenge, the oldest and largest Indigenous rock settlement site in all of North America. The Heart of Canada project builds on over decade of rigorous academic research and will offer the first full-scale architectural study of the urban development of Winnipeg, from the earliest Indigenous settlements to the building of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Latent within Winnipeg’s built environment is a long forgotten record of colonial architecture, European Revivalism, and the City Beautiful Movement, an urban design philosophy that used beautification and monumental architecture to inspire civic pride. This project will put Winnipeg back on the map and will tell the untold story about the liveliest and most ethnically diverse city in the country.